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The Inside Scoop on Nick Wey at the US Open and 2003 Plans


Recapped By: Bubba Bunders


Dear fans,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner with a US Open Supercross update but my schedule finally permitted the update.  I have been really busy lately.  I have been dealing with an extremely sore back since the week before the US Open of SX.  I didn't ride the whole week before the race trying to rest my back and hopefully be able to race at 100% physically.  My dad was planning on being my mechanic for the race but Thursday, prior to the race I told him to stay at home. Because my back was too sore I wasn't going to race but as many of you know that changed.  Well, with me being out in California and only three hours away form Las Vegas I figured that I would give it until the morning of the race and then make a decision on weather or not to race.  With me being so eager to race every chance I get I was up early dragging Nicole and my roommate Justin into the truck and off to Las Vegas.

Justin was my mechanic for the weekend getting my Moto XXX DGY Yamaha in tiptop shape for one last ride. The US Open was to be my last ride for Moto XXX before switching to my new team for 2003.  I was in no where near tip top condition having not ridden the entire week prior and unable to make a lap without A LOT of pain.  But as fate would have it I wasn't far off the pace of guys like Tim Ferry and Mike LaRocco. I just didn't get any good starts and ended up crashing in the main on Friday night.  I was pumped to get a second in the heat race behind Carmichael on Saturday night.     

Well, I would like to mention that Im very appreciative of the help Moto XXX, DGY, Maxxis Tires, WBR, ONeal and all the other sponsors gave me for the past season. But as I look forwards to 2003 Im very excited to get backing from Mach 1 and Yamaha for the 03 season.  I will ride a Yamaha YZ250 in SX and a Yamaha YZ450f for the MX series.

I will be working to get my back feeling better before my trip to Europe this weekend, then well start testing and getting things set up for next season.



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