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Interview: Team Suzuki's Nick Wey


Recapped By: Pat Schutte - OMS Sports


Michigan native rolls into his home State to contest the hallowed grounds of the legendary Pontiac Silverdome - the longest-running race on the supercross tour!


ANAHEIM, Calif., (April 1, 2004) - Between training, racing mini cycles, adapting to his new California home and, of course, living the life of a factory supercross racer, Team Suzuki's Nick Wey downshifted just long enough to answer a few questions on how things are going.


Last year Wey (DeWitt, Mich.) finished fourth overall in the 250 class of the THQ/AMS Supercross Series. This year he's currently in sixth place overall, well within striking distance of the top five - the highest ranking of any Suzuki 250 rider.


Nick, how's things been going for you at Suzuki this year?


Wey: "Overall, things have been great. We've been doing tons of testing heading into Pontiac and the last four races and I'm confident the RM 250 is set up as best as it's ever been for me. I'm looking forward to a couple trophies and pulling off a top five finish by the end of the year."


Earlier in your career you raced out of the Pro-Circuit/Kawasaki hauler. Top shelf team, but not necessarily considered "Factory" in the truest sense of the term. What, if any, differences are there between Suzuki and your previous Pro-Circuit/Kawi ride?


Wey: "The main difference is with the testing and this year took it to a whole new level. I'm learning that I might not have been the greatest test rider out there, but by sticking with it, we've got everything on track now. So I guess the main difference was that, with Pro-Circuit, Nathan (Ramsey) was the guy that did most of the testing. So I came into Suzuki not quite as experienced I guess. But I've stuck with it, Suzuki's stuck with me and I've gained the experience. And this will definitely help out in the years to come."


Suzuki's got to be pleased with your efforts thus far. You've put up some solid finishes, soldiered on despite some stinging injuries and, probably most importantly, had some amazing comebacks - namely your race at Daytona when you raced back from 17th to 5th place overall. Are you please with your season thus far?


Wey: "In the beginning I didn't do quite as well as I'd have liked. I was pushing as hard as I could and, honestly, these past five races I've crashed. So I really needed this last week off to heal up, train and test with the RM 250 so I can ride it just a little bit harder. Yeah, I wish I could have had a few better results, but when the season is over, I can look back and know I worked as hard as I possibly could for Team Suzuki in my first full year on a factory 250 ride."


Excited about being back to race at Pontiac?


Wey: "For sure. And you know what's funny? I won my first race ever at the Silverdome, back in 1988 on a 50 in the halftime show. So I'll be looking for some of that same success this weekend!"


Speaking of Michigan, I know one of your favorite tracks is Red Bud. Are you looking forward to the upcoming Outdoor Nationals?


Wey: "We've actually started testing for that already and things are going really well. So this year there's no excuses. Suzuki's got a proven winner in the RM 250, which is an awesome outdoor bike. So, yeah, I'm really excited about the Nationals."


You recently moved out to California. What are some of the things you've been doing in your off-time out in the 909?


Wey: "The other day we had like 70 people racing minis at this guy's front yard right down the street from me. (Sean) Hamblin got there at like 8 a.m. and started building jumps and stuff. All kinds of guys showed up. (Chad) Reed, (Josh) Hansen, Nate Dog (Ramsey), (Justin) Brayton. No racing, just messing around. Me and Nicole (Nick's girlfriend) rolled over there on the Suzuki DRZ 110s. Good time. We race some supermoto on minis over at Reed's house now and then. That's pretty fun, too."


Living out in Cali now you've got to miss pounding on your brother Luke!


Wey: "Yeah, he's pretty busy with school and stuff. But I'm flying him out to Dallas, so it's all good."


One last thing before you get back after it, NBA hoop playoffs are right around the corner. I know you're a big Mike Bibby (Sacramento Kings) fan. How do you thing the playoffs are gonna shake down?


Wey: "I'm all about Bibby and the Kings. But I think they're gonna choke. So I'm sayin' the Lakers to take the West, but I hope the Pistons can be in there in the East and handle business."


Right on. Good talking to you, Nick.


Wey: Late.



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