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Unbound Energy/MDK’s Wey Is Good To Go For Glen Helen




CARLSBAD, Calif., (Sept. 8, 2005) – Unbound Energy/MDK Motorsports’ Nick Wey is looking to end the 2005 AMA Motocross Championship, presented by FMF, with a bang this weekend, racing in front of this adopted ‘909’ hometown fans in San Bernardino, Calif.


“I’m from Michigan, but I’ll be representin’ the 909 when I’m out at Glen Helen,” said Wey, the subject of a feature story in this week’s Orange County Register regarding his amazing comeback from injury this season. “Glen Helen’s always a wild way to end the season. Tons of fans, the energy’s high and I can’t think of a better way to close out the summer than with at least a top five finish.”


And Wey’s certainly got that in him, despite blowing out his knee this winter in Supercross and undergoing major reconstructive surgery this past spring.


“Knee’s good, bike’s fast and I’m drinking Unbound Energy. Watch out,” said Wey.


At Steel City Wey didn’t fair quite as well as he’d have liked, scoring a top ten finish, but not able to find the speed that he’s accustom to at the Pennsylvania track. His 9-8 finish was good enough for 8th overall, which has him solidly in the top ten overall in the 250 class. Should he improve by one point this weekend (25 to 26 points), he’ll overtake the sidelined former Supercross champion, Chad Reed, for 8th place overall. Wey, who missed the first two races of the season, trails Reed 258-233 in the points.


“Not a big difference, 9th to 8th,” said Wey. “But I’ll take it, probably remind Reedy of it once or twice.”


Unbound Energy is proud to be an associate sponsor of the AMA National at Glen Helen Raceway.  Unbound energy is now available in 16 oz. cans at BP and am/pm retail locations, with more locations and Sugar-Free Unbound coming soon.


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